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Installation & Configuration

Well documented installation and documentation is useful for fast troubleshooting and replication of multiple setups of the components in different countries.

The real value of a documentation develops over time if troubleshooting is needed, the platform is expanded or changed or replaced. With our document framework we provide a guideline for documentation from the template to the intranet website for manuals.

Workplace Delivery Framework –
Zero-Touch deployment of clients

A perfectly reproducible initial installation of workplaces with the latest operating system, correct hardware drivers, necessary updates and all applications is essential for ensuring efficient operation of an IT platform.

Deployment solution
Drop-down menu

Functions and benefits Workplace Delivery Framework

  • Highly automated single-source deployment process
  • Ideal Microsoft Intune extension
  • Basis for disaster recovery of all clients
  • Auditable deployment process
  • Cost transparency
  • Supplier competence in both engineering and operation
  • Round-the-clock support available on request

The Workplace Delivery Framework stick solution is used to build and configure the devices. All of the information about the device is entered into a drop-down menu, after which the entire process runs completely autonomously. This takes about an hour, including all component updates. The solution is licensed on a pay-as-you-go or annual fee basis depending on the number of users within the company.

Workplace framework stick management

The physical stick is managed centrally from the cloud and can be used from any location for online and offline deployment. All components such as OS, drivers and predefined software are installed during the staging process.

Building the devices

The client to be installed is booted from the USB stick and the staging process with the relevant profile is subsequently started. Each installation step is logged and the log files are stored centrally in the cloud.

Facts and figures

OS versions

All Windows 10 versions or higher

OS editions


Languages and regional settings

Languages and regional settings Fully internationalized

Keyboard during deployment
Selectable layout, mouse and keyboard are locked after start-up




Microsoft Surface

Examples – Infrastructure applications

VPN client

Zscaler agent

Examples – Standard applications

Office 365

Adobe Reader DC

Examples – Customer applications

SAP client






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